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At The Ascension Center, we believe in your ability to create lasting, positive change by tapping into the power of your subconscious mind.

Whether you're looking to overcome limiting beliefs through transformative hypnotherapy, access creative solutions to complex personal or professional quandaries, gain profound insights into your ancestral origins and familial stories, or intentionally design your ideal future path - The Ascension Center offers tailored services to support your journey.

Explore our comprehensive offerings: Your Authentic Self Hypnotherapy, Probable Futures Consulting for innovative problem-solving, the ancestral exploration of Ancestral Resonance, the life architecture of Timeline Strategies, boundless creativity with MindWerx, and Future Legacy Solutions driving sustainable progress.


Unlock new realms of possibility at The Ascension Center.


Discover your limitless potential with our wide range of courses tailored to help you tap into the unlimited potential of your subconscious mind. You'll find the perfect program aligned with your interests and aspirations.


Experience MindBridgeOS, our groundbreaking system that bridges the gap between your conscious and subconscious minds. Unleash your hidden capabilities for personal growth and self-discovery.


Explore new dimensions with PORTAL, an innovative technique teaching perceptual bilocation. Learn to exist in multiple locations simultaneously, expanding your problem-solving abilities and decision-making skills.


Our other courses include Whole-Brain Hypnotherapy, Lucid Dreaming, Manifestation, Telepathy, Psychometry, and Photographic Memory Development. Join us at The Ascension Center and embark on a personal path  of empowerment and growth.


 Introducing TranscendU, offering resources to help you connect with  your subconscious mind to acheive your goals, elevate your energy and create positive change in the world.


Discover a world where personal growth and global healing intertwine, amplifying the impact of your inner evolution.


TranscendU is a membership area for people interested in personal growth or wanting to achieve a goal.


TranscendU  offers a unique pathway to harness your subconscious and unleash its power for profound transformation.


Explore a wide range  of resources, including hypnosis sessions, subliminal recordings, and frequency tracks designed to align your inner world with your goals. Join TranscendU and experience the ripple effect of personal empowerment as you contribute to a more harmonious and interconnected world.


Discover the extensive selection of products at The Ascension Center, each selected to help you access your subconscious mind, raise your energetic vibration, and elevate your consciousness.


Our offerings include the innovative Harmonic Whispers audio series, designed with layered affirmations to foster personal growth.

Browse through our collection that ranges from specialized books and unique jewelry to herbs and oils—all aimed at enhancing your spiritual journey. Whether you're looking to deepen your understanding of the subconscious or seeking tools to assist in your ascension, our products provide valuable support.

Visit The Ascension Center and explore our diverse array of items, including the Harmonic Whispers series, to find exactly what you need for your path toward higher consciousness and personal transformation.



At The Ascension Center, we believe you possess untapped power within your subconscious mind. Our mission is to guide you in bridging the gap between your conscious and subconscious, unleashing your extraordinary abilities.


With a diverse range of courses, services, and products, we provide the tools and support you need on your journey of self-discovery. From hypnotherapy to telepathy, perceptual bilocation and more, we're here to help you access your hidden potential.


Connect with our community of individuals on a path of personal growth. It's time to embrace your true potential and awaken the limitless being within you. Are you ready to unlock your subconscious mind's limitless power?

woman meditating with ehadphones on as she learns about her subconscious mind

Ready to unlock your full potential? Take a 35-minute deep dive into your subconscious with our free audio track, "Meet Your Subconscious Mind."

This guided journey will help you:

  • Discover how your subconscious mind shapes your life.

  • Learn powerful techniques to connect with your inner wisdom.

  • Unlock strategies for personal growth and achieving your goals.

  • Transform your habits, beliefs, and emotional well-being by harnessing the power within.



"Meet Your Subconscious Mind" is your gateway to self-discovery and success.

Use the form below to join our mailing list and receive the free audio!

Join our mailing list and receive a free 35 Min Audio track "Meet Your Subconscious Mind"

Testimonials for Ascension Center Courses

My experience with XR so far as been very positive. I have trained with numerous remote viewing instructors over the years and Ozz easily stands above the rest.  His attention to his students is unparalleled; the professionalism of his courses and community, unmatched.  Ozz truly cares about his students and its apparent from day one that unlike some instructors, Ozz is not teaching for money, but to truly make his students and the world a better place by getting us back in touch with an innate ability we all share, but rarely utilize.  While the classes are in a group setting, Ozz makes you feel like you are receiving one-on-one training.  Other instructors may take quite some time to respond to questions - if they respond at all - but Ozz responds almost immediately and if you are struggling, will find unique ways to make the technique work for you.  
XR is unique amongst other remote viewing protocols such as CRV, HRVG and TDRV - in fact, remote viewing is just a small piece of what is possible with XR.  Most don't understand until they begin training that 'remote viewing' is really just, 'remote sensing' - you get impressions of the target, but rarely visuals.  And if visuals do occur, they are often times fleeting.  XR allows you to immerse yourself visually with that which you are viewing for as long as you prefer.  
But more importantly, XR makes remote viewing fun.  While I love traditional remote viewing methodologies, it's far too easy to become bored quickly - you really have to be dedicated to excel.  With XR and the immersive experiences you can obtain, you look forward to the next time you extend your conscious awareness to something other than your immediate surroundings.
I highly recommend XR to anyone interested in exploring what the human mind is capable of.  We were all born too late to explore the world and all too early to explore space.  But we are all fortunate to live during a time where we can so easily explore our own consciousness and XR makes it just that - easy. - Rich

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