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Non Locality Courses

XR (Extended Reality)

Access information from the source about any person, place or event, past, present or future. Available only at the Ascension Center



Free 8 week training in our proprietary method of accessing information non locally.

Remote Viewing Application Courses- Coming soon!

Remote Viewing Enhancement Courses- Coming soon!

Remote Viewing Enhancement Tools

Below you will find tracks that we have created, using frequencies and subliminal messages to enhance your remote viewing ability.  $15/track

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Can't decide? Get our entire Nature Collection and save $25

Hypnotherapy Courses

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Hypnotherapy Certification via Zoom

This class is a comprehensive program that meets one weekend a month for  year. Learn to uncover and address the cause of a variety of client symptoms

Hypnotherapy Certification - Self Study Course

The same comprehensive course as our Zoom class--but you study on your own

Hypnotherapy Enhancement Courses

Counseling Techniques for Hypnotherapists

Learn over 90 counseling interventions for working on depression, trauma, self regulating, shifting self talk,  forgiveness and more. Interventions are from a variety of modalities including positive psychology, Gestalt work, Cognitive behavioral Therapy and more--all modified for use in hypnosis!

Counseling Skills for Hypnotherapists

Are you already trained as a Hypnotherapist but would like to improve your communication or learn more methods for effectively communicating? This self study  course will train you in counseling communication  skills. 


Hypnotherapy Intervention and Inspiration Library

This monthly membership will load you up with interventions, scripts, and other sources of inspiration for finding and working with clients. Get 20 pieces of inspiration immediately and then 2 more every week. $35/month or a year for $350

Personal Growth Courses


Learn a variety of techniques to create the life you desire. Self study



Join our weekly group Intention teams to generate better manifestation results


Chakra Balancing program

Do questionnaires to find out which of your chakras need tuning. Get information about each chakra.  Receive a healing meditation using the frequency that benefits each chakra as well as subliminal suggestions to get energy moving again.

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