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About Elevate

We are living in challenging times.

When we turn on the news, we are inundated with info about the food shortages, fuel prices, civil unrest and looming wars, the pandemic etc. Exposure to this type of material depletes your energy, and leaves you feeling hopeless and helpless.


And, due to the Law of Attraction, the thoughts we think attract (or create) events of a similar energetic frequency. This means that the more we are exposed to and think about negative circumstances, the more we manifest them!


How do we maintain our mental, emotional and physical health, our drive, energy, motivation and positive attitude while surrounded by all this bad news?


How do we end the vicious cycle of attracting negative circumstances from a place of depletion?

How can we turn this all around and raise our own energetic vibration, hold more uplifting thoughts and, in turn, add to the wellness and health of the world?


That's what this course is all about.


Elevate is an 8 week program that is limited to 8 attendees. We meet via Zoom once a week for an hour and do group Intention work, focused on keeping our vibration high and creating the circumstances we want for ourselves as well as the world. Group intention has been proven to benefit not only the person receiving the Intention but also those offering it.


if you want to improve your own mindset, life circumstances and the world we live in, sign up! This is guaranteed to be a course that uplifts, inspires and gives you a sense of making a positive contribution and of being connected to something bigger than yourself.

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