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About Interactive-  12 week Training in Remote Viewing

After learning and getting certified in HRVG , Ozz decided it was too limiting and was inspired to create his own RV methodologies. Interactive is one of those methods.

The basis for this methodology is first establishing a common language between subconscious and conscious minds so that both parts of the mind are speaking the same language which means there is no need to interpret the information gathered. You get literal information as opposed to the symbolic info gathered with other methods.

Therefore, the first month of the training requires students to do  about 15-20 minutes of daily homework. Wait! Don't close the page! The homework is really fun! Our students beg for their assignments and say it has forever changed the way they look at homework. Ozz has over 30 years of experience with working with the subconscious mind so he knows that to keep the subconscious engaged, the method needs to be fun. There is a huge focus in this training on having fun! 

The homework is designed to connect your subconscious and subconscious and get you thinking differently. It is designed to help you be more curious, less analytical, more observant and to receive information without overthinking it.  Students who do the homework regularly not only get better results with the method but also report feeling happier, more playful and more energized.

After laying the foundation, the course moves on to help you quickly and easily connect with your subconscious and use it to gather whatever information you want! One of the amazing things about his technique is that you do NOT need someone to task you or analyze your information. You can do this method by yourself and use it for your own queries. this makes this method highly practical. There is also no need to be blind to the "target" (In Interactive we call them queries--this is not a boring, stuffy, military approach) while using this methodology

This is remote viewing like you have never seen before. it is not a spin off of any other technique but, rather , an original and innovative approach that really helps you to develop a deeper connection with your subconscious, understand yourself more fully and be able to very quickly  collect information that you can use to enhance your life or the lives of the people you care about.

The training is enhanced by hypnosis and subliminal tracks to help you improve your skills and incorporate the techniques.

Tuition is only $200!

Why so cheap? what's the catch?

There IS no catch! At the Ascension Center we believe that remote viewing has the ability to improve the world. We also come from the perspective that it is all about understanding and using your subconscious correctly and this is a skill that anyone with a subconscious mind (so...everyone) can use. Therefore, we are making this course affordable so that anyone an learn these skills.

We are creating a community of like minded individuals who want to make the world a better place. So, if that sounds like you, reach out for an interview and come join the fun!

As one of our Interactive Students you receive:

- 12 weeks of training meeting 2-3 hours/week via Zoom. no upsells. No marketing the next thing. just lots of great techniques , games, exercises and instruction

- Access to our private social media community where you can connect with your classmates, get help from the instructor, and get support between classes

- Solid TRAINING and support from your instructor- there is a huge difference between learning a protocol and being able to use it effectively. That is the difference between being "taught" and being "trained". Ozz makes himself available through our private community, chat and email to answers your questions, give you personalized instruction and make sure you are really getting it

- Access to Mindpark-Prepare to embark on an unprecedented journey with MindPark, the premier non locality theme park intended specifically for remote viewers who have received training at The Ascension Center.  Enjoy immersive, interactive RV practice where you are part of a story and solve puzzles and mysteries using your RV skills. Watch the video below to get a sense of just how mind blowing and innovative our practice sessions are!

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