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Introducing MindBridgeOS


Imagine having a cutting-edge operating system installed, not in your computer, but in your mind. 

This is precisely what MindBridgeOS, conceptualized and developed by Ozz Sevilla at The Ascension Center offers you. 

MindBridgeOS is not just another tool. It’s a pioneering platform that seeks to revolutionize your experience of your own consciousness.


MindBridgeOS enhances the communication between your conscious and subconscious minds, laying the groundwork for a more profound, expansive exploration of your mental abilities. 

But what does this improved communication imply, and why does it matter?

Let's dive deeper.

Your conscious mind is the captain of your ship, making decisions, setting goals, and navigating the waters of life. 

Your subconscious mind, on the other hand, is the ship itself. It houses your deeply ingrained beliefs, habits, and automatic responses. It’s an immense reservoir of untapped potential. 

For the ship to move in the desired direction, the captain and the ship must work in harmony. However, our conscious and subconscious minds often have different scripts, leading to inner conflicts and impeding progress.

This is where MindBridgeOS comes into play.

By bridging the gap between these two domains of your mind, MindBridgeOS creates a common language between them. This harmony allows your conscious intentions and subconscious beliefs to work in unison towards a common goal, enhancing your capacity for personal growth and mental agility. 

There are many benefits to this Harmonization:

Improved Mental Clarity:

By aligning your conscious decisions with your subconscious beliefs, MindBridgeOS can significantly reduce inner conflict, leading to enhanced mental clarity and focus.

Enhanced Self-Awareness:

With MindBridgeOS, you get to explore and understand your subconscious mind better. This awareness can contribute to your personal growth journey, giving you insights into your habits, beliefs, and automatic responses.

Ease in Personal Transformation:

By effectively communicating your conscious intentions to your subconscious, MindBridgeOS can make personal transformation processes like habit change, emotional healing, and skill acquisition much smoother.

Stress Reduction:

When your conscious and subconscious mind are in harmony, it can help reduce stress, enhance emotional wellbeing, and promote overall mental health.

The standalone MindBridgeOS can be a game-changer in your personal and mental development journey. 

But that’s not all. MindBridgeOS is designed to run a suite of innovative mental applications, further expanding the possibilities of what you can achieve with your mind.

The applications designed to operate on the MindBridgeOS platform are not just simple self-help tools, but transformative applications that can significantly alter your perception and experience of reality.

  • PORTAL: PORTALis a groundbreaking application that allows for a complete immersive experience or perceptual bilocation. Imagine being in two places at once or experiencing events happening thousands of miles away. With PORTAL, you transcend the traditional boundaries of space and time, enabling a new way of experiencing reality. This application is applicable to  various fields, including education, therapy, and entertainment.

  • MindLink: Have you ever wished you could communicate without words? MindLink, a telepathy application, makes it possible. It enables you to tap into the non-verbal communication capabilities of your mind, opening a new channel for connection and understanding. Whether in personal relationships, professional contexts, or even with your pets, MindLink can redefine the way you communicate.

  • Psychometry: This application facilitates a unique way of gaining information about an object, person, or location by merely touching or being in proximity to it. From aiding investigations to offering insights about historical artefacts, the potential uses for Psychometry are wide-ranging and fascinating.

  • Photographic Memory: Ever wanted a memory that works like a camera, capturing and retaining every detail? The Photographic Memory application can help you train your brain to remember and recall information with astonishing accuracy. It can be a powerful tool for students, researchers, professionals, or anyone seeking to enhance their memory.

These applications are just the beginning. 

More innovative applications are under development, each set to revolutionize different aspects of human capabilities. 

Remember, though, these applications are not stand-alone. They require MindBridgeOS as the platform for their operation. The MindBridgeOS lays the foundation by enhancing the communication between your conscious and subconscious minds, setting the stage for the effective use of these applications.

MindBridgeOS is not just an operating system; it’s a revolution in consciousness, a new paradigm of personal growth and exploration of human potential. 


MindBridgeOS is offered as a self paced course. The tuition is $398.


For those who want more support and structure,  weekly AMA's (Ask Me Anything meetings) will be offered via Zoom for an additional Drop In fee.

We also offer Zoom classes every month to help students who want additional training to really integrate the concepts. An additional fee applies to these meetings as well.

To purchase MIndBridgeOS use the button below. You will be redirected to our private platform where you can begin accessing the materials. The AMA's and monthly classes will be announced in the platform should you wish to attend

MindBridgeOS Applications

MindBridgeOS is designed to synchronize your conscious and subconscious minds, establishing a unified language that enhances mutual understanding. This breakthrough system enables your mind's two parts to collaborate effectively, opening the door to a suite of powerful applications. Stay tuned as we continue to expand our suite of applications. Explore each of these fascinating tools below and see how they can transform your cognitive capabilities!

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