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Remote Viewing versus XR

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

What is the difference?

At The Ascension Center we provide training in the HRVG methodology of remote viewing, as well as in a proprietary method for accessing non local information we have called XR, for Extended Reality.

One question I have been asked frequently is:

What is the difference between HRVG and XR-Extended Reality?

In terms of training and the time it takes to go through the curriculum, HRVG is a method of remote viewing, and the training lasts 3 months.

XR is not remote viewing. It is a new method of accessing non local information, but it does not rely on the concepts, theories or limitations of remote viewing and the training is 6 months long.

Why the difference? What does that mean?

Allow me to explain


As I mentioned, HRVG is a method of remote viewing. It was researched and developed by and for the U.S. Special Forces.

It is composed of a series of protocols, that when followed correctly, will allow you to briefly communicate with your Subconscious mind to retrieve nonlocal information.

That communication happens in “bursts” of 1.5 seconds, in which the viewer will be able to perceive sights, sounds, smells, tastes, temperatures, and textures from a target.

What we know as remote viewing today is the result of the research done by the u.s. government in the 60s and 70s; You can find its history through a simple online search if you are interested.

Through the years, after the declassification of some of their research, many different methods were developed.

All of the methods of remote viewing allow the practitioner to access non local information. Students need to choose the method that resonates with them.

However, the only method that is visually-oriented, is the HRVG Methodology.

The HRVG methodology is highly effective, it is only taught by certified instructors, no recordings or books about it are available, and the results our students get are quite fascinating!

Follow this link to watch a short video from the results of one of their practice operational targets!

Now, about XR - Extended Reality

XR is a proprietary method created by Ozz Sevilla.

It is a method of accessing non local information that is based on theories, concepts, and ideas from the late 1800s and up to the mid 1930s, with influence from writers, philosophers, occultists, and researchers from that era.

Why that era?

Because the concept of accessing non local information is not new!

It has been around for longer than you or I have been around.

It was done way before remote viewing as a concept even existed, and it was done very effectively back in those days!

Talking about Consciousness, Nonlocality, etc was considered normal in every-day conversations.!

There was no stigma or shame in wanting to know your own Consciousness!, let alone wanting to explore the possibilities unlocked by studying it!

There were many advancements in that area; However, after 1945, all that research stopped!

And since then, talking about Consciousness and nonlocality is considered “woo-woo” or “out-there”, which is a shame!

XR is also a multi-disciplined method, it makes use of many other disciplines such as: Neuro Linguistic Programming, Body Language, Microexpressions, Reality Transurfing, Psychology, Hypnosis, Behavioral Sciences, Linguistics and Meditations.

In XR, we do not believe in any kind of limitations!

By establishing an effective communication with our Subconscious and by developing a common language that both Conscious and Subconscious understand, we are able to retrieve all types of information, including letters and numbers, which in remote viewing is not possible, for example.

Anyone can learn XR.


XR is for serious students only!

The training in the XR System is intensive!

There is a lot of material to cover and the student needs to be willing to learn how to look at the world in different ways, which go against the accepted norms and theories accepted by our world today.

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