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the Subconscious is our Super Power

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

And we are being taught not to use it!

The subconscious is our super power- and we are being conditioned to not use it!

Remember what it was like to be a kid and to be in the world of imagination.? I remember making forts on the couch out of pillows and blankets, dressing up in costumes and paying schoolteacher to my stuffed animals. I wonder what you played as.

Whatever it was, I bet you were fully invested. We really buy into whatever it is we are playing when we are kids. If someone had come along and told me those stuffed bears weren’t learning anything, I would have argued!

The reason we spend so much time in the world of imagination when we are little is because up until 8 or 9 years old, we don’t fully develop our logical mind. All we HAVE is imagination. We are born only with our subconscious mind. This is the part of our mind that contains our imagination. It is also the part of our mind that is emotional and intuitive and connected to Source. When we are little, we are coming from our subconscious all the time. Our emotions are big. Our imagination is big.

Then it all changes, doesn’t it? People start to say, “You don’t have an imaginary friend”, “That’s not real”, “Grow up”, “Get your head out of the clouds”. We start going to school and what do we learn? Math. Science. The rules of language. These are important subjects but there is definitely a focus in school on developing the left brain, the logical mind.

The subjects that are more creative such as music, art and theatre are electives—they are not considered important, they are the subjects you can fit into your schedule if you have any room once you are enrolled in the important, left-brain classes. And if there are ever budget cuts, of course it is the creative subjects that are the first to go.

There is a continued emphasis on our left-brain, logical mind as we move into adulthood. We are told that we need to get a university education to get a decent job, that we can’t make money doing something creative. We are told that intuition or anything that seems “out there” means we are crazy. If we express big emotions as an adult, we are told we are “too much” and that we should shut that down. Big boys don’t cry, and it is not becoming of a lady to get angry.

As we grow up, we lose touch with our subconscious, and I think that is tragic. And intentional.

Yes. I said that. The focus on our left-brain logical mind by institutions and society at large is intentional.


For several reasons that can all be summed up as the subconscious is our super power!

The subconscious does whatever it is programmed to do. As a Hypnotherapist, I know that if you know how to do it properly, you can program the subconscious to do many wonderful things such as healing more quickly, changing unhealthy habits and behaviors, improving self-esteem and self-worth, eliminating anxiety, depression and so much more. But big pharma doesn’t make money when people heal themselves. Big pharma wants us to stay ill so we must rely on them for solutions. And companies that sell products need us to feel badly about ourselves so that we will think their products will make us happy or improve our self-image.

If we were more in touch with our subconscious, we would be more creative. And the powers that be don’t want that either. They don’t want us to find innovative solutions to problems. They want us to rely on the solutions that are provided for us. If we can solve a problem like oh, I don’t know—how about how to provide free energy, for example, we wouldn’t need to rely on someone else for this service. In fact, it is very interesting that people who have solved that problem in the past are made to look crazy, are dismissed or are not given funding. If we could solve problems ourselves, then we wouldn’t need to look to corporations that are selling us the solutions they have created, and that we have come to rely upon. Again, no one makes money when people start thinking for themselves instead of relying on others.

The Subconscious is also the gateway to something bigger. It is called many things; The Matrix, the Source, The Collective Consciousness, The Akashic Records, The All That is. And if we were connected to our subconscious, we could connect to that as well. Having studied remote viewing, I know that all information, past present or future, about anyone or anything is “out there” and we can access it. We can get answers, insights, data, information. We can find out the truth for ourselves instead of believing the narrative we are fed. We could investigate history and see what really happened instead of what the people who wrote our history books, who have an agenda, tell us.

By being able to connect with Source, through our subconscious mind, we would also be able to manifest the life we desire more easily. You may have heard of the Law of Attraction; that what we focus on is what we attract. We are energy beings and we attract like energy. If we had a better connection with our subconscious mind, and no interference, we could manifest more easily the circumstances we desire. And the powers that be know this, too. So, we are dumbed down. Our vibration is contaminated with low frequency junk so that we cannot reach for anything higher. We are fed reality tv shows, social media memes, fast food and all matter of things with a low vibration so that we are not energetically able to manifest those things we truly desire.

If we were more connected to our subconscious, we would be further along with our own goals and further along as a race. In my opinion, the emphasis on the left brain is an attempt to keep us from being the unlimited, powerful beings that we are. By accessing our subconscious, we remove limitations, we empower ourselves to be more than we are told we are capable of being.

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