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About Probable Futures

We are a Canadian consulting company offering remote viewing services to individuals and companies that require answers to questions to which they have not been able to find an answer to through traditional channels.


We also provide creative solutions to companies and individuals from a wide variety of industries, utilizing our proprietary method of accessing non local information called "XR".


From personal sessions to corporate projects, we provide you with answers than can assist you in making better informed decisions by providing you with a different point of view, which in turn will allow you to have a better understanding of certain situations.

What is Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing is a learnable skill that allows you to obtain information about any place, person, object, or event regardless of where they are located in time and space.


What that means is that a remote viewer is able to get information of an object, for example, whether it is in the same room or 3,000 km away, above ground, underground, at sea level or under the sea. It can be located in the past, the present, or even the future!

Sounds weird, we know!


However, this skill is real, and it allows you, as a client of Probable Futures Consulting, to have access to a literally unlimited source of information, that when used effectively and/or creatively, has the capability of changing the way you approach decision making and problem solving.


Would you like to take a peek into the future of your industry and figure out what is the best course of action?

Have you been wondering if you should invest in the business that was offered to you?

Is there a problem to which you have not been able to find a satisfactory solution?

Would you like to have a better understanding of a specific situation?

All that information, and more, is available for you to access through our services.


At Probable Futures Consulting we have highly trained and effective remote viewing teams that are ready work your personal or business project.

Some uses of remote viewing:

  • LOCATING MISSING ITEMSFinding lost items or pets by delivering a report describing the location where they may be 

  • REAL ESTATEReal Estate Agents can benefit from our service by describing the property their client is MOST
    LIKELY to purchase, saving them time and money. For Home Buyers, Remote Viewing can describe specific details about the home you would be most happy owning. Remote viewing can also reveal what will happen to a neighborhood over time. concerned about natural disasters? Gentrification? Remote viewing can give you peace of mind when considering a major purchase such as a home

  • SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHWe can assist scientists, teachers etc, in the design of experiments and protocols that are more
    likely to achieve the success required.

  • MARKETING AND BUSINESS STRATEGIESWhat will the next trending product look like? Which design will bring more revenue? What business model is best for a specific project? Find answers today for strategies that will trend
    tomorrow. Discover future trends and adapt your product designs, prices, distribution channels, etc.

  • EXPLORE PAST EVENTSAre you curious about a past event? Either personal or historical, we can provide you with a
    detailed report about past events of didactic or operational value.

  • EXPLORE FUTURE EVENTSAlthough the future is continuously changing, we can help clients make important decisions by taking a peek into probable futures.


Remote viewing  projects take time; this is a serious and valid process of information gathering that can potentially save you thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in research. We only work with in-house trained viewers. That way we can guarantee that your project is handled with seriousness, responsibility, and confidentiality.


On average, a remote viewing project can render about 200+ pages of information that contain: sketches, descriptions of smells, tastes, sounds, textures, feelings and other information related to the specifics of the project.


Once our viewers turn in their work, we do a deep analysis of all the information provided through a series of proprietary processes, and we then turn the results of that analysis into a report which we will go over with you so that you have clarity as to the information gathered and how it applies to your query.

If you would like more information about our processes, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Our rates start at $300 U.S. Dollars, please schedule an interview to talk about your requirements. We will be happy to assist you

Note: At Probable Futures Consulting we do not offer any type of advice. We provide our clients with whatever information we receive in our sessions, and it is the client's sole responsibility what actions are taken with the information provided. The information provided by Probable Future Consulting is for reference only and should not be taken as an absolute at any point.

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