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2 pieces of Natural blue Apatitie. Ships from China. 
Length: approximate 7~8cm
Diameter: approximate 2.5cm


Apatite, with its captivating array of colors from vibrant blues and greens to earthy tones, is not just visually stunning but also packed with metaphysical benefits. This stone is celebrated for its motivational qualities, inspiring clarity of mind and a renewed sense of purpose.


Apatite helps to foster personal growth and self-acceptance, aiding individuals in overcoming self-doubt and awakening their inner potential. It is also said to enhance creativity and learning, making it a great companion for those engaged in intellectual pursuits or artistic endeavors.


Additionally, apatite is believed to help with appetite control, supporting those looking to balance their physical well-being with their spiritual and mental health. By helping to clear confusion and stimulate thoughts, apatite can be a powerful tool for those seeking to deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

2pcs Natural Blue Apatite Crystal

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