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This session is ideal for anyone struggling with procrastination due to a lack of motivation. It's particularly beneficial for those who find it difficult to start or complete tasks that do not immediately appeal to them.


"Motivation Unlocked" aims to help participants find and harness personal motivation to overcome procrastination. The session explores ways to link unappealing tasks with appealing outcomes, utilizing the power of positive association to transform the subconscious resistance into proactive action.


Participants will learn to reframe their perspective on motivation by identifying positive outcomes linked to necessary but unappealing tasks. They will explore various methods to create motivational incentives, including setting personal rewards. This approach not only boosts the willingness to tackle immediate tasks but also instills a habit of looking for intrinsic and extrinsic motivators in daily activities. This can lead to increased productivity, a greater sense of accomplishment, and improved self-esteem as tasks are completed efficiently and on time.

Motivation Unlocked hypnosis Session

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