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Help the Ascension Center find solutions and receive double yor donation in courses!

In a world grappling with unprecedented challenges across every essential system—be it banking, healthcare, governance, or even our social structures—the need for innovative solutions has never been more critical. The systems we've long depended upon are showing signs of strain, and the time to act is now.

The Solution:
At The Ascension Center, we don't just observe the world's problems; we equip individuals with the tools to solve them. My husband and business partner, Ozz Sevilla, has developed a 16-week course, PORTAL, designed to expand human consciousness and tap into a remarkable resource—the collective consciousness. This isn't just education; it's empowering people with a skill that can bring about real change.

What is Collective Consciousness?
Imagine a vast library that has recorded everything that ever was and ever will be—every thought, every solution, every moment is there. This library is the collective consciousness. Our course trains individuals to access this pool through 'non-local awareness,' a technique that allows one to gather insights from this universal knowledge base without the biases and agendas that often taint the information we receive daily.

Beyond Training:
The journey doesn’t end with training. Graduates have the unique opportunity to join our dynamic teams of 'Perceptioneers' who apply their skills directly to tackle these systemic issues. This active engagement is where real change happens. By contributing to our cause, you’re not only supporting education but also fueling a continuous, hands-on effort to shape a better world.

Why This Matters Now:
The challenges we face are not just individual concerns; they are our collective crises. By training more individuals to access non-local awareness and integrating them into our problem-solving teams, we not only equip them to understand the intricacies of current issues but also empower them to uncover viable solutions quickly and efficiently.

Our Need:
This program has the potential to revolutionize how we address global challenges, but it is still in its infancy. We have seen its success firsthand as our graduates begin to make real impacts, yet our ability to reach and train more minds is limited by visibility and resources.

How You Can Help:
We are turning to you—visionaries, changemakers, and anyone who believes in the possibility of a better world. Your contributions will enable us to hire a publicist and fund marketing efforts to amplify our reach. Every dollar brings us closer to a more enlightened society, equipped not just to dream of a better world but to make it a reality.

Your Impact:
By supporting our campaign, you're not just funding a course; you're investing in the future of problem-solving and innovation. Help us expand our reach, train more perceptioneers, and bring about tangible, positive changes across the globe.

A Bonus For You:
We appreciate your support and to thank you for your donation, we're offering an incredible opportunity!

For every dollar you donate, we'll provide you with double the amount as credit towards any of our courses at the Ascension Center.

This offer applies not only to the PORTAL course mentioned above, but to our entire range of courses designed to help you harness the power of your subconscious mind. From psychometry and hypnotherapy certification to telepathy and manifestation, we have a variety of offerings to suit your interests and needs.

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