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XR (Extended Reality)-

Embark on a Limitless Journey with XR - Now Available for Free







Welcome to the extraordinary world of XR - Extended Reality, where the boundaries of perception vanish, and the extraordinary becomes your everyday reality. If you're prepared to embark on a transformative journey that challenges your beliefs, expands your consciousness, and unlocks the limitless potential within you, then XR is your gateway to a new dimension of possibilities, now available to you for free.

Unveiling XR: A Glimpse into a New Reality

XR isn't just a tool; it's a consciousness technology that empowers you to access any information, location, or event from the past, present, or future using nonlocal awareness. Say goodbye to electronics and devices; XR is about evolving your consciousness and transcending the constraints of your physical body, time, and space.

Through XR, you gain the power to explore realms of knowledge and experiences once deemed unimaginable. Among XR's awe-inspiring features is bilocation—a phenomenon where you transcend physical limitations, experiencing two locations simultaneously. Picture delving into the serene beauty of a rainforest while basking in the vibrant energy of a bustling cityscape, all within the depths of your own consciousness.

Accessing Source Wisdom

With XR, you tap into an infinite well of wisdom and knowledge embedded within the universe. Connect to the universal consciousness, access information directly from the source, and unearth profound insights into the mysteries of existence. Whether you're seeking answers to life's deepest questions, yearning to explore historical events, or aspiring to connect with higher realms of consciousness, XR provides a direct pathway to expanded awareness and profound understanding.

Limitless Applications of XR

The applications of XR are as boundless as human imagination itself. Consider these examples to fuel your curiosity:

  • Discover Ancient Civilizations: Walk alongside historical figures, immerse yourself in the marvels of ancient civilizations, and engage with legendary philosophers. Conversations in mythical temples and the grandeur of forgotten empires await your exploration.

  • Journey through Time: Break free from the constraints of linear time, witnessing pivotal moments and experiencing bygone eras' magic. Gain a deeper comprehension of the interconnectedness of past, present, and future.

  • Connect with Celestial Realms: Embark on celestial voyages to distant galaxies, witness awe-inspiring cosmic phenomena, and unravel the universe's mysteries. Dive into black holes, traverse cosmic landscapes, and witness the breathtaking birth of stars.

  • Unlock Hidden Knowledge: Access the collective wisdom of great thinkers, scholars, and visionaries. Engage in enlightening conversations, expanding your understanding of fields like science, philosophy, spirituality, and art.

XR's Transformative Effects

Engaging with XR isn't a passive endeavor; it's a profound journey of self-discovery and expansion. As you plunge into your consciousness and explore XR's realms, transformative effects might include:

  • Heightened Self-Awareness: Grasp your true nature, unravel limiting beliefs, and tap into your untapped potential. XR gives you a new appreciation of your capabilities, empowering you to embrace your boundless essence.

  • Expanded Consciousness: Witness the vastness of existence, transcending ordinary perception's boundaries and connecting with the interconnectedness of all things. XR unveils multidimensional aspects of reality beyond the physical realm.

  • Endless Possibilities: Awaken to your boundless potential. XR dismantles growth-hindering barriers, enabling you to step into a realm where anything becomes possible.

Are you ready for this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, expansion, and unlimited potential? Enter the world of XR, and unlock the true essence of your being.

Why XR is Now Free

Our journey with XR has encountered a challenging twist. An enthusiastic member of The Ascension Center community chose to share our proprietary information with a third party. This information is now being used to create a "new" method.

 Recognizing that this challenge might arise, we've been prepared.

As the architect of XR, Ozz is committed to safeguarding its integrity. That's why we're making XR training PERMANENTLY AVAILABLE FREE OF CHARGE. Those genuinely interested in learning can access a 16-week self-paced course starting September 16th via


When you train in XR you receive access to our exclusive member's social media platform. The platform includes lessons, homework, private chats, and valuable resources like hypnosis sessions, podcasts, and subliminal recordings.

Our motive? Upholding method integrity and a mission to spread good globally. By releasing the original XR, we hope lives are positively impacted, aligning with our wish that anyone learning XR does so as designed.

Join the journey and unlock your potential. Starting now, I no longer offer personal XR training, but our self-paced course includes bi-weekly meetings. 

Embrace XR's transformative power, experience its depth, and shape your reality. Together, let's embrace a world where potential knows no bounds.

My experience with XR so far as been very positive. I have trained with numerous remote viewing instructors over the years and Ozz easily stands above the rest.  His attention to his students is unparalleled; the professionalism of his courses and community, unmatched.  Ozz truly cares about his students and its apparent from day one that unlike some instructors, Ozz is not teaching for money, but to truly make his students and the world a better place by getting us back in touch with an innate ability we all share, but rarely utilize.  While the classes are in a group setting, Ozz makes you feel like you are receiving one-on-one training.  Other instructors may take quite some time to respond to questions - if they respond at all - but Ozz responds almost immediately and if you are struggling, will find unique ways to make the technique work for you.  
XR is unique amongst other remote viewing protocols such as CRV, HRVG and TDRV - in fact, remote viewing is just a small piece of what is possible with XR.  Most don't understand until they begin training that 'remote viewing' is really just, 'remote sensing' - you get impressions of the target, but rarely visuals.  And if visuals do occur, they are often times fleeting.  XR allows you to immerse yourself visually with that which you are viewing for as long as you prefer.  
But more importantly, XR makes remote viewing fun.  While I love traditional remote viewing methodologies, it's far too easy to become bored quickly - you really have to be dedicated to excel.  With XR and the immersive experiences you can obtain, you look forward to the next time you extend your conscious awareness to something other than your immediate surroundings.
I highly recommend XR to anyone interested in exploring what the human mind is capable of.  We were all born too late to explore the world and all too early to explore space.  But we are all fortunate to live during a time where we can so easily explore our own consciousness and XR makes it just that - easy. - Rich

Alexa Young, CA

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