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Welcome to Harmonic Whispers!


Harmonic Whispers offers a one-of-a-kind auditory journey, combining layered affirmations with soothing melodies to create a transformative experience for  listeners. Our tracks make use of  multiple voices, harmoniously interwoven, to directly engage and reprogram the subconscious mind. By bypassing the barriers of the conscious mind, we enable positive and healing messages to deeply resonate within, fostering profound personal growth and inner peace.


Discover Our Collections:


The Echoes Collection:


Our original collection delivers affirmations with multiple layered voices, creating a dynamic auditory experience.

Ideal for those who seek efficient and powerful transformation.

Utilizes the 'confusion effect' to enhance absorption by the subconscious mind.


The Whispers Collection:


Designed for a softer approach with fewer layers and voices at a lower volume.

Perfect for individuals with an overactive nervous system or those who prefer a gentler journey.



Why Choose Harmonic Whispers?


Deep Subconscious Healing:

Dissolve old limiting beliefs and nurture positive thoughts for personal empowerment.

Confusion Technique:

Enhance receptivity by occupying the conscious mind with overlapping voices.

Social Proof:

Solidify beliefs with a chorus of affirmations, aligning your mindset with positive transformation.

Tailored Tracks:

Order customized tracks incorporating your on language and suggestions for even greater benefit. 


Custom Harmonic Whisper Tracks:


Order a custom track and get even greater benefit! Your words have power as they mean something to you. By incorporating your own ideas, language  and suggestions into your track, I can ensure the track meets your needs and gets you the results you are looking for.

Why Choose a Custom Track?


Personalized Affirmations:

Tailor-made tracks whispering your name and resonating with your aspirations.

Specific Goals and Desires:

Focus on precise themes aligned with your individual goals for targeted transformation.

Unique Gifts:

Thoughtful and unique gifts for loved ones, amplifying their belief in themselves.

Special Occasions and Milestones:

Celebrate significant moments with tracks reflecting the joy and potential of these occasions.


How It Works:


Share Your Vision: Describe your needs and aspirations through our simple form.

Crafting Your Track: Personal creation infused with care and expertise.

Delivery: Receive your unique track within 5-7 business days, crafted with attention to detail and intention.

Price: $125

Ready to Order Your Custom Track? Use the form below


Use the form below to order your custom track

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