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Welcome to PORTAL: Your Mind's Passport to Infinite Realities

Be Here, There, Everywhere—It's Not Magic, It's Your Untapped Potential! 

Ever felt the world has more to offer but you're somehow limited by time and space? What if we told you that with just your mind, you could explore different places, times, and even gain insights from afar? No, this is not science fiction—it's PORTAL, and it's as real as you and me.

Why PORTAL? What's the Buzz About?

- Expand Your Consciousness: Think of PORTAL as your mental multi-tool. You're not limited to experiencing life from one viewpoint. Learn to extend your mind to different places, situations, and times—and it's as real as your everyday life.

-  Revolutionize Your Learning: Forget skimming through endless textbooks and struggling to memorize dates and facts. What if you could learn by "being there"? Study Ancient Rome by mentally walking its streets or grasp advanced physics by "visiting" laboratories. With PORTAL, learning is not just fun—it's an adventure!

- Unlock Hidden Information: Ever lost your keys and spent hours looking for them? What if you could scan your home from your classroom and know exactly where they are? With PORTAL, you can access non-local information, making your life easier and saving you time for things that really matter.

-  Mental Wellness Like Never Before: Manage stress, achieve inner peace, and emotional balance by instantly "retreating" to your happy place. You could be sitting in the middle of a hectic class or a noisy cafeteria and still find your center.

-  Supercharge Your Productivity: Learning to focus your mind across multiple tasks or places can result in unparalleled levels of productivity. Imagine studying for an exam while also brainstorming for your next art project. Sounds impossible? Not with PORTAL


Ready to Dive In? Here's What You Need to Know:

  • When: The next 16-week live training begins on September 16th at 11am Pacific Time.

  •  How: The training will be conducted via Zoom and through our exclusive, private learning platform.

  • Hands-On Training: This is not a 'sit back and watch' program. Expect a highly interactive, hands-on experience with plenty of exercises and homework to hone your skills.

  •  Requirements: Due to the advanced and sensitive nature of the techniques, signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is required for enrollment.

Sounds Unreal? It's More Possible Than You Think!

We get it, it sounds like something out of a comic book. But this is grounded in real practices and a structured 12-week training method designed to unlock this fascinating aspect of your mind. And guess what? You don't need to be a monk or a neuroscientist to learn it.

 Ready to Break Boundaries? Join PORTAL Now!

PORTAL is not just another fad; it's a transformative approach to life. Imagine the endless possibilities, the adventures, the self-discoveries waiting for you. Intrigued? Excited? So are we!

An interview is required to enroll, please follow this link to schedule yours: 

PORTAL PARIS 1_edited.jpg

Course Details and Tuition

Enter the Portal: Your 16-Week Journey Begins

There are two options available for this training; A Zoom class or 1:1 training

Option 1: Train via Zoom with a group

Embark on a profound 16-week journey via Zoom, commencing on September 16 at 11 am Pacific Time.


Tuition Options

  • One-time Payment: $1597

  • 6-Month Plan: $267 per month

  • 9-Month Plan: $178 per month

  • 12-Month Plan: $135 per month


Option 2: Private 1:1 Learning with the Creator

Prefer private learning? Choose 1:1 sessions with Ozz Sevilla, the technology's creator. Tuition: $4000.


Payment Plans for Private Learning

  • 9-Month Plan: $445 per month

  • 12-Month Plan: $334 per month

  • 18-Month Plan: $223 per month


Enrollment Interview and NDA

To join the transformative "Portal" experience, an enrollment interview is your first step. Additionally, signing an NDA ensures a secure learning environment.

Sign up for your interview here

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