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Welcome to PORTAL: Your Mind's Passport to Infinite Realities

Ever felt the world has more to offer but you're somehow limited by time and space? What if we told you that with just your mind, you could explore different places, times, and even gain insights from afar? No, this is not science fiction—it's PORTAL, created by Ozz Sevilla and now being taught by his wife, Linda Sevilla. It's as real as you and me, designed to unlock the untapped potential of your consciousness.

Why PORTAL? What's the Buzz About?

This course isn't just about developing skills; it's a profound exploration into the essence of what it means to be a consciousness being. You are so much more than your physical body; you are a being of boundless consciousness, capable of incredible feats that defy conventional understanding. This course will give you a new appreciation of your potential -- and the skills to use that potential for yourself and others!

Achieve Perceptual Bilocation*

One of the remarkable abilities you'll develop is perceptual bilocation—experiencing your consciousness in more than one place at a time. This skill opens up new possibilities for exploration, decision-making, and experiencing events across the timeline of existence. Imagine travelling to distant locations, delving into past or future events, observing monumental moments in time,  all from the comfort of your own home. Perceptual bilocation is not just a skill; it's a new way of interacting with the universe.

Access and Navigate Multiple Timelines*

With the PORTAL training, you'll also learn how to access and utilize information from potential timelines. This powerful ability allows you to explore alternate realities where different choices lead to different outcomes. By finding the timeline that aligns with your desired life, you can use this insight to make transformative changes in your current reality. It's manifestation amplified, offering a dynamic approach to shaping your existence.

Beyond Skills

Along the way to developing the ability to bilocate or access multiple timelines, you'll also develop incredible subskills that make PORTAL possible— the exercises you will do lead to enhanced creativity, positivity, groundedness, playfulness, imagination, and visualization ability. However, the true essence of this training lies in its capacity to expand your understanding and utilization of your consciousness. By the end of our time together, not only will you be equipped to perform astonishing acts with your consciousness, but you'll also experience personal growth that enriches every aspect of your being.

Embrace the Journey

Prepare to embark on a journey that promises to redefine your perception of reality, consciousness, and the very fabric of existence. The PORTAL class is more than an educational experience; it's an invitation to unlock the limitless potential within you, to explore the universe in ways you've never imagined, and to align with the very best version of your life.

What can you do with PORTAL?

Expand Your Consciousness:

PORTAL serves as your mental multi-tool, freeing you from the constraints of a singular viewpoint. It teaches you to extend your mind across different places, situations, times, and even multiple realities, offering a firsthand experience that's as vivid as your everyday life.

Revolutionize Your Learning:

Move beyond traditional learning methods with PORTAL. Imagine studying Ancient Rome by mentally walking its streets or understanding advanced physics by "visiting" laboratories. PORTAL transforms learning into an immersive adventure, allowing you to absorb knowledge in a dynamic, interactive way.

Unlock Hidden Information:

Have you ever misplaced something and wished you could find it instantly? PORTAL enables you to access non-local information, whether it's locating lost items or gathering insights from distant places, streamlining your life and freeing up time for what truly matters.

Mental Wellness Like Never Before:

Achieve a state of mental wellness previously thought impossible. With PORTAL, you can instantly "retreat" to your happy place, finding peace and emotional balance amidst chaos, enhancing your ability to remain centered in any situation.

Supercharge Your Productivity:

Imagine the ability to focus your mind on multiple tasks or in multiple places at once. PORTAL makes this a reality, boosting your productivity levels to new heights and proving that what seems impossible is indeed possible.

Navigate Multiple Timelines:

Discover the groundbreaking skill of navigating through multiple timelines with PORTAL. Learn how to explore alternate realities, experiencing pivotal moments in history or envisioning future possibilities. It's like manifesting your desires on steroids—find the timeline where your life aligns with your deepest aspirations and learn to make changes that resonate with your desired reality.

This class requires an interview. Next class starts May 21 2-5 pm Pacific

Note: PORTAL is a MindBridgeOS application and all students enrolled in PORTAL get Mind Arcade for free.

*Results are not gauranteed as they are dependant upon the students commitment and willingness to do daily homework of 20-30 minutes.

To say that Ozz’s Portal training has changed my life is an understatement. The training was methodical, personalized and challenging, with achievable goals. Thanks to Ozz’s patience, persistence and skill in seeming to be aware of what our needs were, he tailored our training in real time to enable us to achieve unimaginable milestones. I’ve been able to understand and move past the reflexive self-imposed limitations and beliefs that have prevented me from realizing, developing and making better use of my skills and abilities. As a result of my portal training, my focus has vastly improved. I find I can usually move into my routine daily meditation practice with ease. When I call on my portal training, I’m immediately in tune with my inner guidance and solutions to vexing problems arrive on demand. Over the past several months, this training has saved me considerable money in household repairs that I was able to complete myself rather than enlisting the help of costly service providers. Also, my health and well-being has improved from lowered pressure to impressive improvements in memory and recall and new milestones in my gym workouts. Using my portal skills, I’m able to sustain an elevated mood and hopeful outlook on life, secure in the confidence that I can create my own reality. I’m gratified that I’ve been able to help friends with issues in their lives using my portal training. Just recently, two long-time friends told me, “I love being around you. You calm me down, lift my spirits, and inspire me to see the world in a different way.” For me, that’s reinforcement that the changes I’m experiencing are real and not a product of my imagination. For all this, I’m deeply grateful. - Rose E.

Alexa Young, CA


Course Details and Tuition

Enter the Portal: Your 16-Week Journey Begins

There are two options available for this training; A Zoom class or 1:1 training

Option 1: Train via Zoom with a group

There is one upcoming class via Zoom, commencing on June 6 2-4 Pm Pacific time.

Tuition Options


Tuition is $1597. From now until May 30, we are offering 20% off tuition for anyone who pays in full for this training. This brings your payment down from $1597 to $1277.60.

We also offer payment plans:

  • 6-Month Plan: $267 per month

  • 9-Month Plan: $178 per month

  • 12-Month Plan: $134 per month

This class requires an interview. Please use this link below to set it up.



Option 2: Private 1:1 Learning 

Prefer private learning? Choose 1:1 sessions with Linda Sevilla Tuition: $4000.


Payment Plans for Private Learning

  • 9-Month Plan: $445 per month

  • 12-Month Plan: $334 per month

  • 18-Month Plan: $223 per month


Enrollment Interview and NDA

To join the transformative "Portal" experience, an enrollment interview is your first step. Additionally, signing an NDA ensures a secure learning environment.

Sign up for your interview here

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