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About Manifest

Your subconscious mind runs 90-95% of your behavior and all your emotions. It is also the place from which we manifest and is the gateway to the superconscious, the "Matrix" or the “All That Is”.


However, most people are either unaware of their own subconscious or they don't know how to effectively use their subconscious to benefit themselves and improve their lives.


Because the subconscious speaks a different language, we need to learn how to communicate with it in order to harness it's power and use it to improve our lives. When we don't take control of our own subconscious mind, we end up living life by default, instead of by design.


In this fun and engaging self study class,  I will be teaching you how to communicate to your subconscious in a language it understands. I will also teach you the various ways that the subconscious communicates back and how to recognize and be receptive to that communication.


I will also be giving you 10 of my very best tools for manifesting!

I am so excited to see the magical things that begin to happen as you develop a stronger connection to your own subconscious and start to see how eagerly it responds to your requests for information, clarity and answers. I am excited to see the results that happen for you in terms of being able to more effectively manifest the circumstances you desire.

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