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Upgrade Your Mind at The Ascension Center


Unlock the hidden potential within. The Ascension Center, an innovative Canadian institution, is dedicated to helping you leverage the power of your mind. We believe your subconscious is your superpower and that by learning to access and work with your subconscious you can do things that might appear magical. With over 50 years of combined experience, we've developed a range of courses, services, and products to help you do just that.

Our core philosophy:

We are all connected to a universal energy source, and by tapping into our subconscious, we can unlock incredible abilities. Imagine experiencing your consciousness in more than one place at a time  (perceptual bilocation), manifesting what you desire more easily,  lucid dreaming, telepathy, or being able to access any information from the zero point field using non local awareness. The courses we offer at the Ascnesion Center teach all of this...and more!

Start your journey with MindBridgeOS

Our flagship course , MindBridgeOS is a great palce to begin. This comprehensive program is designed to build a strong bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind. Students of MindBridgeOS experience enhanced creativity, productivity, focus and concentration and improved  self awareness.

Go beyond the basics

MindBridgeOS is the foundation for unlocking your mind's potential, similar to how an operating system provides the base for running various programs on your computer. Once you've completed MindBridgeOS training, you'll have a foundational skillset that acts as a prerequisite for our more advanced courses in telepathy, perceptual bilocation, psychometry, staying in contact after death and more. But that's not all!

Explore at Your Own Pace:

Looking to delve into specific areas without taking MindBridgeOS first? We've got you covered. We offer self-paced courses in lucid dreaming, where you can control your dreamscapes. Learn about chakra balancing to optimize your energy flow. Manifest your desires with our practical courses on manifestation techniques. Elevate your energetic vibration with "Elevate Your Vibes". We are always created more courses so stay in touch to find out when we add more.

Become a Certified Professional:

Are you passionate about helping others unlock their potential? Our Hypnotherapy Certification program equips you with the skills and knowledge to pursue a rewarding career as a certified hypnotherapist.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned explorer, The Ascension Center has something for you. Upgrade your mind, expand your horizons, and embark on a journey of self-discovery today! Join our supportive community. At The Ascension Center, we foster an environment of unity and interconnectedness. We believe in helping you reconnect with your true self and contribute to a more positive and vibrant world.



Ozz Sevilla  has dedicated his life to exploring the depths of consciousness and the mysteries of the human mind. Growing up in a family and culture that revered the study of the paranormal, Ozz developed a profound curiosity and passion for unraveling the secrets that lie beyond ordinary perception.


For over 28 years, Ozz honed his skills as a stage hypnotist, captivating audiences across Central and South America. Through his mesmerizing performances, he gained a deep understanding of the subconscious mind and its powerful influence on human behavior.


Ozz's expertise in stage hypnotism allowed him to master the skill of working with the subconscious and with a background in production and a flair for creativity, Ozz also took on the role of producing his own shows, combining his hypnotic talents with his keen eye for creating memorable experiences.


Ozz has spent his life studying various disciplines. He studied Hypnotherapy at the Horizon Center School of Hypnotherapy, learning about  the therapeutic applications of hypnosis. Additionally, he extensively studied neuro-linguistic programming, body language, micro expressions, and other fields that provided valuable insights into human communication and perception.


 Ozz's experience in these fields led him to create his own methods for accessing information non locally; Interactive, XR (Extended Reality), and PORTAL --all  visionary systems that push the boundaries of perception and connectivity. 

Ozz also shares his  expertise through teaching telepathy, psychometry, and other subjects, always approaching these topics from the perspective of utilizing the power of the subconscious mind to access information from The Zero Point Field


Ozz Sevilla continues to be a trailblazer in the exploration of consciousness, bridging the realms of science, philosophy, and the paranormal. His dedication to expanding human potential and his unwavering commitment to understanding the depths of the mind have made him a revered figure in the field of consciousness exploration.

Ozz Sevilla headshot


Since 1999, Linda has been practicing as a Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapist, employing a holistic and integrative approach to help her clients.


Her focus lies in identifying and addressing the underlying causes of her clients' symptoms, enabling profound and lasting transformation. Linda is thrilled that she has been entrusted by thousands of clients to help them achieve their goals.


In 2004, Linda founded The Horizon Center School of Hypnotherapy. Her hypnotherapy certification training has been recognized for its excellence by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.


Linda's passion for advancing the field of hypnotherapy extends beyond her private practice and teaching. She is the founder of the Canadian Association of Counseling Hypnotherapists and Educators (CACHE), an organization that fosters collaboration and professional development among hypnotherapy practitioners. Additionally, Linda has served on the board of the Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ARCH), lending her expertise to further elevate the standards and effectiveness of hypnotherapy practice.

Linda has been a sought-after speaker and instructor at various hypnotherapy conferences and she has been a featured guest on over 50 episodes of the talk radio show "Talk It Over" with host Terry Spence, where she has shared her expertise on diverse applications of hypnosis, increasing public awareness and understanding of this powerful healing modality.


Beyond her work in hypnotherapy, Linda is also a Medical Intuitive, Manifestation Coach and has received two diplomas in Spiritual Coaching. Linda is  also a certified Inner Vision (sight without eyes) teacher, empowering individuals to tap into their innate intuitive abilities.


A life long leaner, she has expanded her expertise through studies in healing frequencies, the power of intention, color therapy, telepathy, perceptual bilocation, herbalism, manifestation, energy work, and magic.


In her personal life, Linda finds joy and creative expression through her artistic endeavors, creating unique jewelry from her artwork. She also enjoys the culinary arts and finds creativity and pleasure in cooking and baking.


 Linda immerses herself in personal growth pursuits, constantly seeking new insights and knowledge to enhance her practice and support her clients, as well as herself, on their transformative journeys.




Woman meditating with headphones on

Ready to unlock your full potential? Take a 35-minute deep dive into your subconscious with our free audio track, "Meet Your Subconscious Mind."

This guided journey will help you:

  • Discover how your subconscious mind shapes your life.

  • Learn powerful techniques to connect with your inner wisdom.

  • Unlock strategies for personal growth and achieving your goals.

  • Transform your habits, beliefs, and emotional well-being by harnessing the power within.

"Meet Your Subconscious Mind" is your gateway to self-discovery and success.

Use the form below to join our mailing list and receive the free audio!

Join our mailing list and receive a free 35 Min Audio track "Meet Your Subconscious Mind"

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