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Experience Psychometry's Potential. Join our enriching self-paced  8-week Psychometry training course, designed by Ozz Sevilla—the creator of MindBridgeOS, the foundational framework upon which this course is built.


Much like an operating system enables a computer to function, MindBridgeOS is the essential foundation for mastering Psychometry. This course equips you with the skills to unlock the rich stories woven into the fabric of objects that surround us.


So, what is Psychometry?


It's the fascinating practice of interpreting the energy or vibrational signature of objects through touch. Each item, from your grandmother's cherished ring to the worn-out baseball glove tucked away in the attic, holds a story waiting to be told. Psychometry grants you the extraordinary ability to listen, understand, and give a voice to the inanimate world around us.


The benefits of learning Psychometry are many:


Reveal Hidden Histories

Every object transforms into a captivating storyteller, sharing unique experiences and journeys.


Personal Growth

Unraveling the energy of your own items can provide profound insights into your past, fueling personal growth and self-discovery.


Deepen Relationships 

Enhance your understanding and empathy for loved ones by interpreting the energy of their cherished items, fostering stronger, more meaningful connections.


Time Travel Through History

  Experience history in a deeply personal way as artifacts become time machines, offering intimate glimpses into the past.


Psychometry is a versatile and potent tool with far-reaching applications, from personal exploration and historical research to assisting in crime investigations. Imagine contributing to police inquiries, solving historical riddles, or gaining a deeper understanding of your own past. 


The possibilities are as exciting as they are limitless!


Discover the transformative power of psychometry today!


****MindBridgeOS Required****

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