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Howlite and Emporer jasper semi precious stone necklace with your choice of charm. Strung on Elastic cord . Ships from China.  
Metals Type: Tibetan silver

Howlite: Howlite is a distinctive stone, typically white with streaks of gray, resembling a spiderweb. It is highly regarded for its properties that promote calmness and emotional balance. Wearing Howlite is believed to help reduce stress and anxiety by absorbing negative energy and aligning all the chakras. This stone is especially useful for those with a tendency towards overthinking or insomnia, as it encourages a state of serenity and prepares the mind for deep and insightful sleep. Howlite is also thought to enhance artistic expression and creativity, making it a favorite among artists and writers.


Emperor Jasper: Emperor Jasper, also known as Imperial Jasper, is known for its healing and nurturing properties. It typically displays a mix of earthy colors that enhance its connection to nature and grounding energies. This stone is believed to bring about tranquility and wholeness, uniting all aspects of one's life. Wearing Emperor Jasper can also provide support during times of stress by absorbing negative energy and encouraging honesty with oneself. Additionally, it aids in quick thinking and promotes organizational abilities, making it ideal for those juggling complex projects or decisions.

8mm Natural Howlite and Emperor Jasper Beaded Bracelet

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