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If you've ever felt overwhelmed by your emotions, imagine them as a colorful beach ball. In our "Beach Ball of Emotions" session, we explore this analogy to help you understand the effort and strain involved in suppressing your feelings. This session is designed to teach you not only to recognize the weight of keeping your emotions submerged but also to guide you in managing them more effectively.


During this session, you will visualize interacting with a beach ball that represents a range of emotions, from joy and sadness to anger and fear. The ball is vibrant and buoyant, tempting to play with yet challenging to hold under water. As we delve into the dynamics of emotional suppression, you will learn about the consequences of trying to keep this beach ball submerged and the relief and energy that come with letting it surface.


We discuss various reasons why people suppress emotions, including familial and societal pressures, and personal experiences where expressing emotions was discouraged or ignored. You are encouraged to reflect on these influences in your life and how they have shaped your emotional responses.


This session will guide you through identifying your suppressed emotions and understanding their triggers. By acknowledging these emotions and the circumstances that cause you to push them away, you can begin to address them constructively.


Join us in the "Beach Ball of Emotions" session to gain insights into your emotional patterns and learn practical strategies to allow your feelings to surface healthily and productively. Discover how to transform your approach to emotions from suppression to expression, ultimately leading to a more balanced and fulfilling emotional life.


Purchase this track for $15 or get our mini course on managing anger that includes this track as well as several others for only $20

Beach Ball of Emotions

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