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"Being Proactive Versus Reactive" is for anyone who finds themselves waiting to 'feel right' before taking action. If you often hesitate or postpone tasks based on your mood, this session is designed to help you break the cycle of reactivity and cultivate a proactive approach to life.


This session tackles the common issue of mood-dependent behavior, guiding you to establish and pursue goals regardless of your emotional state. You'll be encouraged to shift from a reactive stance, which allows moods to dictate actions, to a proactive one, where actions are driven by commitment and intention.


The session fosters a sense of empowerment, showing you how fulfilling commitments can elevate mood and self-esteem. By adopting a proactive mindset, you'll learn to align your actions with your goals, leading to greater satisfaction and a sense of control over your life's direction.

Being Proactive Versus Reactive Hypnosis Session

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