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Sunny citrine crystals and chain adorn these silver plated earrings. 1.75" drop, 1" across at widest point. Pierced.



Citrine, with its cheerful yellow to golden hues, mirrors the bright and uplifting energy of sunlight. This gemstone is often celebrated for its ability to attract prosperity and success, making it a popular choice for those seeking to enhance their financial stability or achieve their professional goals. Citrine is also known for its positive influence on mental clarity, helping to dispel doubts and confusion, and encouraging a more optimistic outlook. For individuals dealing with daily stresses or seeking to maintain a positive environment, citrine serves as a constant reminder of light and positivity. Wearing citrine can help boost your confidence and energize your life's pursuits, making it easier to embrace opportunities and welcome abundance.

Citrine Chandelier Earrings

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