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This session is especially beneficial for individuals who feel burdened by unresolved issues or conflicts from their past relationships. It's designed for anyone who has lingering feelings or unfinished business with important figures from their past, whether these individuals are still present in their lives or not.


"Clearing Relationship Baggage" offers a therapeutic approach to resolving past conflicts subconsciously, utilizing the mind's inability to distinguish between real and imagined scenarios to facilitate emotional closure. This session helps to address the deep-seated emotions and unfinished interactions that may be impacting your current emotional well-being and decision-making processes.


Participants will engage in a symbolic process to express unresolved feelings and achieve closure, even when direct communication isn't possible. By imaginatively completing these conversations, you can reduce the emotional weight of past interactions, leading to a clearer, more present state of mind. This session aims to liberate you from the negative impacts of unresolved relationships, allowing you to move forward in life without the invisible burdens of the past. It encourages a healthier mental state by severing old emotional ties and fostering a sense of personal peace and closure.



Clearing Relationship Baggage Hypnosis Session

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