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"Critique Demystified" is meant for anyone who’s felt the sting of criticism, especially from influential figures during vulnerable times. It's for those whose self-worth has been clouded by past negative comments and who are ready to release that burden.


This session addresses the impact of harsh words that have stuck with us, often distorting our self-image. It's common to internalize negative feedback, especially when it comes from people we once looked up to or during times when we were emotionally exposed.


Participants will engage in reframing exercises to understand the true source of criticism, seeing it as a reflection of the critic's issues rather than their own. You'll learn to disassociate from these negative messages, regaining a sense of self that is untainted by others' judgments. By the end, expect a rejuvenated self-image and a reinforced personal narrative that celebrates your inherent worth.


Critic Demystified Hypnosis Session

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