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Do you often react in ways you later regret? Our "Dealing with Reactivity" audio session is designed to help you manage your emotions more effectively. Discover how changing what you tell yourself about your experiences can transform your reactions.


Consider three people who lose their jobs: one feels hopeless, another is optimistic, and a third sees a new adventure. What makes them react differently? It's all about the stories they tell themselves.


This session uses this scenario to show you how your internal dialogue affects your feelings.

You'll be guided to visualize a personal situation where you reacted strongly. You'll learn to pause this scene, examine your thoughts at that moment, and explore new ways of thinking that could lead to calmer, more positive reactions.


By the end of this session, you'll have a clearer understanding of why you react the way you do and how to change it. You'll practice these new skills in the session, so you can start using them in real life right away.


This session is great for anyone who wants to handle stressful or upsetting situations better. If you're ready to respond more thoughtfully and feel better in challenging times, this audio guide is for you.


Purchse this track for $15 or purchase our entire mini course on dealing with anger and receive several hypnosis sessions including this one for $20

Dealing with Reactivity Hypnosis Session

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