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"External Validation" is for individuals who find their self-worth and confidence swaying under the weight of others' opinions. It's for those who realize their need for external validation may be hindering their authenticity and peace of mind.


Many of us learn to seek approval from the outside world, a habit often rooted in childhood survival strategies. As we grow, this can lead to a dependency on external validation, causing us to live in ways that may not reflect our true selves and can lead to emotional exhaustion.


This session helps you turn inward for approval and self-recognition, cultivating a robust internal framework for self-esteem that doesn't waver with every external critique. You'll learn to appreciate your intrinsic worth, recognize your strengths, and empower your personal narrative, independent of others' judgments. By focusing on self-validation, you build a stable and fulfilling sense of identity that supports authentic living and decision-making.


External Validation Hypnosis Session

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