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In the "Past-Present Differentiation" session, individuals who face challenges with certain people in their lives are given a unique opportunity to explore the deep-rooted subconscious connections that may be coloring their interactions. This experience is especially beneficial for those who find themselves reacting strongly to someone in a way that seems disproportionate to their current relationship with that person.


What This Session Offers:

  • Subconscious Association Awareness: This session guides you through the process of identifying potential subconscious links between individuals from your past and people you find challenging in the present, shedding light on why these connections may be triggering intense reactions.

  • Insight into Influences: For those who might not be immediately aware of who from their past is influencing their current interactions, the session provides a reflective space to discover these hidden associations.

  • Visualization for Separation: Through careful and guided visualization, you'll work to distinguish between the individuals of your past and those in your present life, aiding your subconscious in untangling these associations and helping you respond to each person as they truly are.

  • Mental Rehearsal for Change: The session includes envisioning yourself interacting with challenging individuals in new, more positive ways. This mental practice effectively instructs your subconscious on your preferred ways of engaging, setting the stage for real-life application.

  • Harmonious Frequency Integration: The session is enriched with Solfeggio frequency 639 Hz, chosen for its attributes in fostering understanding and connection, which supports the overarching goal of improving current relationships and interactions.


Why Choose This Session?

Choosing "Past-Present Differentiation" means opting for a transformative journey that aims to free you from the echoes of past relationships that may be unknowingly impacting your present. This guided path leads to a more conscious awareness of your responses, enabling healthier and more constructive interactions with those around you. By integrating the healing Solfeggio frequencies, the session not only facilitates an emotional balance but also nurtures the growth of more harmonious connections in your daily life.

Past-Present Differentiation Hypnosis Session

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