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Envision a space where you're impervious to the negativity of others, where stress bounces off you and confidence radiates from within. "The Protective Bubble" is a session for those who feel weighed down by external stressors or struggle to maintain their confidence amidst adversity. Whether it's the draining energy of negative people or the challenges that shake your sense of self, this session equips you with a powerful mental tool.


In this guided visualization, you'll learn to create a shimmering bubble around you, not made of mere soap and air, but of the sturdiest, most resilient materials your mind can conjure. It's a bubble that fills with and is reinforced by the calmness and confidence emanating from your center.


As this bubble grows to envelop you, it serves as a selective barrier, a filter through which only positivity can penetrate. Negative forces and influences—no matter how persistent—remain outside, unable to touch your inner calm. You'll practice interacting with this bubble, even using it to humorously 'snap' negativity into the void, leaving you untouched and serene.


This bubble isn't just about defense; it's a selective membrane that allows positive experiences to enhance your mood, lift your spirits, and nurture your wellbeing. By the end of this session, you'll step away with a sense of empowerment and an ever-present guardian that safeguards your peace of mind. The Protective Bubble becomes a part of your subconscious toolkit, ready to deploy in times of need, ensuring you remain centered, serene, and secure in your personal power.


The Protective Bubble Hypnosis Session

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