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This session is tailored for individuals who frequently find themselves caught up in "what if" scenarios, struggling with anxiety and worry about potential negative outcomes. It's ideal for those who want to break the cycle of unnecessary stress and focus more on present realities.


 "What IF versus What IS" delves into the patterns of worrying about things that may never happen and the mental toll this takes. The session explores the subconscious's role in perpetuating these cycles of worry under the guise of being protective, and how this often leads to wasted energy and missed opportunities for enjoyment and presence in the actual moments of life.


Participants will learn to distinguish between productive preparation and unproductive worry. The session guides you through strategies to ground yourself in the present, shifting focus from hypothetical disasters to current realities.


You'll develop tools to trust in your ability to handle future challenges without preemptive worry, enhancing your emotional resilience and freeing you from the cycle of constant anxiety over potential negative outcomes. This shift not only conserves energy but also improves overall well-being by keeping you engaged and present in your daily life.


What IF Versus What IS Hypnosis Session

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